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Jackson County Public Water Supply District 2

Public Water Supply District No. 2 of Jackson County would like to welcome you to Raytown, Missouri.  We feel that you have made an excellent choice on where to put down roots.  Raytown is a good community, full of great people, good schools and flourishing businesses.

Public Water Supply District No. 2 of Jackson County, Missouri is committed to serving high quality water that is both safe and delectable to drink, maintaining continuous service and pressure throughout the system, quickly restoring service following maintenance or repairs and maintaining the system to last for generations to come.

As a new customer we would like to share with you a little about our Company which was established in 1936, We, Public Water Supply District No. 2 of Jackson, County, Missouri are owned and operated by you, the Public, your Company is ran by a Board of Director’s which is made up of five elected members that live in the District, one Director from each one of the five Subdistricts.  We hold an open public meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at the office building at 6945 Blue Ridge Blvd., Raytown, Missouri.  Each meeting agenda will be posted on the front window of the office, two days prior. 

When starting water service, we require that each home or business owner put up an advance payment, which is held until you decide to terminate your service, at that time your advance payment is applied to your final bill, any monies left over will be mailed to the forwarding address that you provided when you terminated your service.

Sewer and Water are billed separately, the Water Company will notify the City of Raytown, which does the billing for sewer, that you have started new service, you do not need to go to
City Hall to start sewer service, The City will bill you automatically on a monthly basis.

Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm, except Holidays observed by the State of Missouri.  (Holidays may not always be observed on the Day of, and are subject to change.)  

How often will I get a Water bill?

Meters are read at the beginning of the month.  The majority of accounts are billed every two months.  Small groups, mostly businesses, are billed monthly.  Bills are sent out the last week of the month.

When is my Water bill due?

Your Water bill is due upon receipt.  It is considered past due and a penalty is added on the date mentioned on your original bill.  The past due date is usually the fifteenth of the month following the billing date.  The past due penalty is 10% of the balance of water charges.  If unpaid a shut off notice will be sent approximately two weeks later.

How can I pay my Water bill?

There are several ways to pay your bill, besides mailing it to us:
ACH (auto draft) comes out of your bank account automatically on the due date.
Pay online through our Website at www.pwsd2.org.
Pay online through your bank.
Call the office and pay over the phone, by debit or credit card, at no charge to you.
Bring payment to the office; pay inside at the counter, with cash, check, money order, debit or credit card, at no charge to you.
Drop payment in the night drop box, check or money order only, no cash please.

Options available if I am unable to pay?

The Water District does offer payment arrangements but is unable to do so until after the past due date listed on the original bill.  Payment arrangements are handled on an individual basis. 

Arrangements will not be offered once a customer is disconnected due to a delinquent bill.
Full payment of the bill, including the $50.00 delinquent service charge, will be required to reconnect a service that has been disconnected due to delinquent status.

Water Rates

BiMonthly Billing
Minimum bill of $38.45 which includes up to 4,000 gallons.
For every 1,000 gallons after that, it is $8.04 per thousand gallons.

Example:  A BiMonthly residential Customer using 7,000 gallons of water in two months would be billed, $62.57 + current tax rate.

4,000 gallons                        $38.45
3,000 gallons   (3 x 8.04)         24.12
7,000 gallons                        $62.57 + current tax rate.

Monthly Billing
Minimum bill of $19.23 which includes up to 2,000 gallons.
For every 1,000 gallons after that, it is $8.04 per thousand gallons.

Water Mains, Lines & Meters

Public Water Supply District No. 2 owns and is responsible for all water mains and meters.  Customers are responsible for the service line connecting to the meter from their establishment. Meter wells and lids are the homeowners responsibility.
Tampering with the Districts meter will result in a tampering fee, also an estimate of what the water usage should have been, will be added, to the Customer bill.  Legal action may also be warranted.

On the District website, www.pwsd2.org , you will find information regarding rates, billing, water quality, conservation tips and answers to frequently asked questions. If you have any questions that are not available on the website please call the office, we would be glad to assist you.